Non Player Characters

Andrew Wicker
Owner and operator of the Wicket Basket – a small bar in the heart of the Cameron District.

Wicker Basket regular. A youth counselor/community activist in the Cameron District.

Wicker Basket regular.

Vincent Cowl
Followed the Sabbat from Silver City to Midtown. Blamed the Sabbat for ruining his life and getting him addicted the drug they sold (known as ‘Full Moon’, ‘Mother Luna’, and ‘Faery Blood’). Encountered our protagonists while he was investigating Sabbat activity in Midtown.

Marie Brent
Journalist working for the cccult/paranormal web-based magazine: Midtown Madness. She was seen investigating rumors of some bizarre events at Hillcrest Center for the Mentally Ill.

The Sabbat
‘Nasty’ Nick, Kurtis ‘Long Fang’ Smith, David ‘Black Fur’ Johnson, and Lily Peters
A small drug trafficking group with a native american theme. They moved into Cameron late 2011 and flooded the streets with a highly addictive drug called ‘Faery Blood’.

Carlos Cincade
Entrepreneur. Owner of several establishments in Cameron, including the popular night club Afterlife.

Non Player Characters

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