Character Creation

Important Note:
World of Darkness has a very different play style than Dungeons and Dragons. This game isn’t about building a set of stats and feats who use encounter powers and +1 swords of Dragonstabbings to save the princess.

The goal here should be to make a person- a human being. A person with goals, fears, quirks, skills, faults, and everything else that makes up an individual. Don’t choose stats, skills, and merits just because they give you the biggest dice pool or highest defenses. Every dot on your character sheet should be a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that comes together to describe who your character is.

Remember that the point of the game isn’t to win or lose. It isn’t about collecting experience points and loot.

Character Creation Rules/Requirements-

Come up with a one line description of your character. You don’t need to try to encompass every nuance of who they are- just a broad and bland stereotype that covers what another player might see at first glance.

Write some brief statements, descriptions, or accomplishments of your character. Backgrounds should help outline a very rough idea of who your character is and what drives them.

Look at the Setting, Cast, and Plot pages. Determine which of these people/places/plots would be of interest to your character and how your character relates to them. These relationships will be a part of your character’s primary motivation/introduction to the start of the game and they will also help maintain your character’s associating to the overall story so create relationships that you’re going to enjoy.
Also- feel free to work with other players and build connections to their characters.

Character stats follow the normal creation rules as per the Chronicles of Darkness core book (p24). Characters can not start with the 5th dot in any attribute, skill, or merit. Supernatural Merits are allowed.

Create at least one long term and one short term aspiration. There is no upper limit to the number of aspirations you can have. Unlike normal you do not gain beats when you accomplish an aspiration, but you may gain a beat when you make a major step towards achieving a long term aspiration.

Virtue and Vice:
As normal.

Breaking Points:
Answer all 5 questions.

Character Creation

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